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We Don't Go Out is a podcast with hosts, Ant and Dave, talking about video games, films and TV

E3 Review 2016

After I (Ant) neglected to hit record on our pre E3 show - sorry about that - we've got a bumper E3 review show! Hear us talk over the Microsoft and Playstation press conferences and give our thoughts and feelings on all that went down over in LA. 

Many people seem of the opinion that E3 is losing it's relevance but, for me, it's the best gaming expo around! It's just special. It's like the FA cup, it's got a bit of magic that the others can't recreate. I love E3. Long may it continue. 

This E3 was a doozy! Microsoft had two new consoles! I mean one was only hot for about an hour, then they announced the other one and made the first one irrelevant. But still, two new home consoles from one company - that's a first! And they had some games! And some looked good! 

Playstation had a stack of games! it was game! Bang! Game! Bang! Game, game, game! In your face! Boom! And they were all beautiful, surprising and new! They also made Dave "VR isn't for me" Homes think twice about VR. Me? I'm ready to strap it to my face and jump down the rabbit hole! 

Nintendo had a game. One solitary game for it's limping Wii U. Oh, but wait, it's Zelda! Take my money! Have it! Just give me Zelda and those new Amiibos!