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We Don't Go Out is a podcast with hosts, Ant and Dave, talking about video games, films and TV

We Don't Go Out Episode 18

Here we are again, join us for episode 18, listen to me (@AnthonyHulse) gush about Oxenfree. I couldn't gush as much as I wanted to really, because I didn't want to spoil it! So let me just stress it here. Oxen free is fantastic! Wonderful story, endearing characters, great atmosphere, perfectly paced, it's everything you want, but daren't hope to get, from a "small indie" game. It works well here to stand against the game of the moment which we spend a good chunk of this podcast grappling with. That game, of course, is No Man's Sky. 

No Man's Sky. Where to start? A game with a world and ambition as big as the hype that sounded it is currently experiencing backlash in equal measure. Hear our thoughts about the game and the backlash. Also on this episode, Dave has finished Tell Tales Game Of Thrones, we talk about golf games, well, Dave does, I just keep mentioning Mario Golf (seriously, who needs any other golf game?) 

The PS4 gets it's update soon (FOLDERS! THE FOLDERS ARE COMING!) and we take a look at that. And whats a We Don't Go Out podcast without a few tangents! So yes, we veer off the beaten path a bit to. Thanks for reading this by the way, if this were a PS4 game you'd get a bronze trophy for it! And a silver for listening, and a platinum for listening to all of them, so go on, have a listen.