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We Don't Go Out Episode 20

So SONY have had a little event where they officially showed of some new consoles. A new, slimmer PS4 and the all new PS4 Pro. But who cares? No really, who is this for? Find out our thoughts in episode 20 of We Don't Go Out! Pour us in your ears and let us infect your thoughts... in a very level headed births way. 

In other gaming news, San Fransisco feel asleep. It must have, because Shigeru Miyamoto, an actual gaming legend, a God among geeks, landed in San Fransisco, a tech hub full of geeks, and managed to not get spotted until he walked out on stage during the Apple Key Notes! Miyamoto on stage for Apple! It's like when Sonic appeared on Nintendo. People said it would never happen! But it did and we talk about it! We also talk about the new PS4 update (one word: Folders!) Dave has to make his yearly decision. FIFA or PES, PES or FIFA! What will he do?