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We Don't Go Out Episode 13.

Nintendo. Oh Nintendo. The rumours rumble on, the nay sayers predicting another flop, forcing the fans to overstate their passion and their conviction that THIS Nintendo, the NX, will be THE Nintendo... you know, the one that will satisfy the hardcore, get the third party's onboard and give all those Amiibo's purpose. That of course can't happen, it can't possibly please everyone, it's not bloody chocolate, people! But it sure is fun to speculate about all the genius/crazy things that might come from The Big N including the newest rumour about a handheld - because no one saw that coming! 

Nintendo aren't the only ones with a swanky new home console on the horizon. Microsoft apparently has two. Both a little baffling if you ask us. Sony has one as well. Do we need them? Do we want them? Do we care? Listen and find out!

Uncharted 4: Charted! Find out what we think at the end of the podcast with full frontal spoilers!